Helping technology innovators maximize the value of IP through systematic analysis of corporate goals and the constraints of business, technology, and law. 

Today's technology companies are increasingly aware that intellectual property is an asset worthy of management. Firms that base their success on innovation understand that an effective IP strategy is one that serves their larger business objectives. However, even the most sophisticated companies often find it difficult to answer critical questions about their intellectual assets. For example:

  • What steps (if any) should you take to protect your past investments in innovation?

  • How do you know when a novel idea, method, or technology should be patented?

  • What steps should you take to ensure ongoing freedom to operate?

  • How can you maximize revenue generated through licensing?

  • Whatís the best way to leverage your IP for negotiating partnerships within the value chain?

  • What business practices can ensure that your company derives ongoing value from your technical teamís intellectual horsepower?

IP Management Consulting

The Excelsior Bonifico Company (EBCo) is founded on the premise that maximizing the value of a company's intellectual assets requires a systematic analysis of corporate goals and the constraints imposed by business, technology, and law. By bridging the gap between these diverse disciplines, EBCo can help a technology company devise and implement a practical and affordable IP strategy that maximizes its ROI in innovation. Moreover, our strategic IP services include methods and tools for evolving IP management plans when real-world conditions change.


EBCo offers a number of training courses that help technology innovators and business managers work more effectively with their patent attorneys to manage patents and other intellectual property as business assets.


The Excelsior Bonifico company is a member of the following organizations:

  • Licensing Executives Society

  • Intellectual Property Owners Association

  • Washington Software Alliance



About Our Name

Our company derives its name from an ancient Latin phrase that describes our work.

A modern translation of 
Excelsior Bonifico:
Creating superior assets