Title Description Topics Recommended for Typical duration in hours
IP Orientation Introduces critical IP concepts and vocabulary, with emphasis on the practical considerations of managing IP as a significant business asset
  • Types & Uses of IP

  • Best practices for efficient IP creation and management

  • Coordination among functional groups

  • IP rights as products

Senior business development& research managers  3 - 5
IP Management Training Provides practice using concepts and tools introduced in IP Orientation IP Orientation topics + case studies and exercises emphasizing:
  • Strategic planning (business plan development including surveys of IP landscape and competitive intelligence)

  • Practical and affordable creation and protection

  • Efficient management (including valuation and interdepartmental communication)

  • Value extraction

  • Risk mitigation

Staff with IP decision-making responsibility  8 - 20
Patent Orientation Introduces basic patent concepts and vocabulary
  • Types and uses of patents

  • Patent creation process

  • US and foreign patent offices

  • Claims and inter-patent relationships

  • Responsibilities and coordination of business, technical, and legal departments

Non-attorney staff involved in patent creation or management  4 - 5
Patent Management Training Provides practice and discussion using concepts and tools introduced in IP Orientation, with emphasis on how day-to-day R&D activities can be directed and leveraged to create useful and affordable patent portfolios Patent Orientation topics + case studies and exercises emphasizing tools and skills related to:
  • Generating and prioritizing patent candidates

  • Patent/product relationship analysis

  • Valuation

  • Infringement actions

  • Monetization methods and trends

Staff with patent decision making responsibility  10 - 30
Advanced Patent Seminar In-depth analysis of source of patent value, and specific methods to direct and capture innovation value Extensive use of case studies to conduct and analyze:
  • Prior art searches

  • Patent families

  • Claims analysis

  • Prosecution histories

Business managers,  inventors  10 - 20
Invention Workshops Facilitated, client-specific, targeted innovation brainstorming. Workshop can be used as a morale event as well as to generate actual patent candidates.
  • General innovation exercises

  • Client-oriented invention activities

Inventors  15 - 40
Patent Work-Around Training Introduction and practice in developing alternatives to technologies blocked by competitor patents (also used to strengthen patent applications). Often integrated with Invention Workshops. Step-by-step process for understanding blocking claims and generating alternatives Business managers, inventors  4 - 12
It is our preference to work with your staff, including legal counsel, to ensure presented materials are relevant to your business goals and consistent with your desired practices.