James O. Robarts
Founder Intellectual Property Strategist Training Specialist

James O. Robarts James has pursued the business of high technology for more than 25 years. He is a prolific inventor, an experienced high-tech IP manager, and an engaging teacher.

In the early 1980ís, he developed software-driven business processes for Hewlett-Packard. In the 1990ís, as a Program Manager, he had an insiderís view of Microsoft as it became the worldís most powerful software company. In between, he started a successful technical publishing company (eventually acquired by Microsoft) and served as CTO for a software-driven advertising start-up.

Jamesí interest in intellectual property developed at Microsoft, where he was instrumental in developing patents in the printing group and leveraging them to extract licensing revenue. He was also responsible for both strategy and invention for the Advanced Consumer Technology Groupís patent portfolio.

When James left Microsoft, he decided to focus exclusively on helping technology companies view their intellectual property as manageable business assets. In 1997, he founded the Excelsior Bonifico Company to teach practical IP management methods to innovative software, telecommunications, and bio-tech companies. He has also continued inventing, and now has more than 25 granted U.S. patents and more than 30 published U.S. patents to his credit. The majority of these patents constitute a portfolio on context-aware computing, which was acquired recently by Microsoft.

In addition to advising private-sector clients, James enjoys training high-tech engineers and business managers in practical IP management techniques. He also teaches in the University of Washingtonís Intellectual Property Management Certificate Program and lectures for the Licensing Executives Societyís Professional Development Series.

James lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest; he finds amusement in sailing the Puget Sound, playing with his tractor on a remote San Juan island, and making bad rock-and-roll (during the rainy season when the neighbors keep their windows closed).

Company Staff

A talented staff that includes individuals rich with experience in technology development, financial analysis, and intellectual property management supports Jamesí strong strategic skills.