Career Overview

James Robarts is an accomplished technology visionary and software project manager.  For over 20 years he has been researching, proposing, refining, and shipping market-making software.  His system architecture and user interface innovations have benefited hundreds of millions of users and generated significant revenue with products and patent portfolios.

A little over a decade ago, James left Microsoft's Advanced Consumer Devices Group to work with companies pursuing the "smaller, cheaper, faster" trajectory of computing platform evolution.  Since then he has formed and lead teams creating prototypes and products for consumer and industrial applications on desktop and mobile platforms.

He is a natural leader adept in public speaking, meeting efficiency, and private mentoring.

Most recently he has been productizing grammar-improvement patents for WordRake.

Personal Statements

"I believe deliberate analysis at the intersection of business, tech, and law is the surest way to anticipate an innovation's value."

"I am an Applied Technologist and would have loved to been on the team that designed the jury-rigged air scrubber that saved Apollo 13"

"Will work hard for big fun."

Contact Info

Intellectual Property Consulting Business: Excelsior Bonifico Company
Personal: HappyToast