Contract Designer, 2007 – present
Aquent for Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Assigned first to the (web search) group, then to the Operations Manager group.  Responsibilities include visual and interaction design for various new features and UX improvements.

Noteworthy: Rehired into the Operations Manager group after mandatory 100-day break.

Director of Fame, 2004 – 2007
Glofun Labs, Redmond, WA

One of five partners in a startup that develops GPS-enabled games for mobile phones. Responsibilities include marketing communications (web site design & content, press releases, partnership inquiries); game design; user interface design; usability and “funability” testing.  Presently serving in advisory capacity.

Noteworthy: In 2005, Glofun RayGun was included in the GDC's World Tour of Mobile Games, recognizing the "coolest, sweetest, freakiest mobile games from all over the world."

Program Manager, 2002 – 2004
Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Served as design lead on several projects related to enterprise storage systems, including a new storage management product called Data Protection Server.  Conducted conceptual design workshops with other program managers and developers; prepared materials for iterative user studies; completed detailed UI designs and specifications; supervised the work of visual designers.

Noteworthy: Earned a 4.0 on first annual employee review

User Interface Designer, 2000 - 2002
Tangis Corporation, Seattle, WA

Responsibilities included interaction design and usability testing of user interfaces for wearable computing applications, the UIs of which had to meet the unique demands of mobile computing, including head-mounted displays, small screen displays, speech UI, touch screen, and 1-D pointing.  Also designed and user-tested desktop developer tools for creating wearable applications.

Noteworthy: Authored "Context Awareness through a Unified User Interface," published in the Proceedings of HCI International 2001 and "2-D Pointing While Walking," published in the Extended Abstracts of CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; organized a wearable computing SIG at CHI 2001; co-taught a workshop on UI Design for Wearable Computers at the International Symposium on Wearable Computing 2002; inventor on U.S. Patent #20030046401, "Dynamically determining appropriate computer user interfaces," published March 6, 2003

User Interface Designer, 1994 - 2000
Independent Consultant, Seattle, WA

Clients included Apple Computer (Cupertino, CA), Intel Corporation (Hillsboro, OR), WatchGuard Technologies (Seattle, WA), WorkWise Software, Inc. (Seattle, WA, now part of Global Software Incorporated), Attachmate Corporation (Bellevue, WA), CollabTech (Monterey, CA), Tangis Corporation (Seattle, WA, now defunct), and Quantum Balance (Tampa, FL, now defunct). Responsibilities included UI guidelines for Mac System 8; UI design and specifications for Windows and Mac applications and Mac system software components; usability evaluations of Mac and Windows applications; development of web design guidelines; web site design and evaluation; and usability testing for both software and hardware.

User Interface Designer, 1993 - 1994
Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA

Responsibilities included UI design and specifications for Mac system software components; usability testing for hardware, software, and documentation.

Noteworthy: Inventor on U.S. Patent #5,687,334, "User interface for configuring input and output devices of a computer," granted November 11, 1997; inventor on U.S. Patent #5,740,436, System architecture for configuring input and output devices of a computer Assignee: Apple Computer granted April 14, 1998; inventor on U.S. Patent #5,615,347, "Method and apparatus for linking images of sliders on a computer display," granted March 25, 1997

Research Assistant, October 1992 - March 1993
Department of Technical Communication, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Responsibilities included research on Advanced Traveler Information Systems; creation of a taxonomy of such systems; development of a strategy for assessing systems then under development by the Washington State Department of Transportation; and assessment of Traffic Reporter, a real-time display of freeway traffic conditions.

Intern in Usability, July - September 1992
Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA

Responsibilities included compiling a database of in-house usability test participants; designing an on-line participant questionnaire/profile; organizing the usability center's filing system; writing informational documents about the usability center and its services; and conducting usability tests on system administration software and documentation.

Teaching Assistant, September 1991 – April 1992
Department of Technical Communication, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Taught technical writing to senior engineering students. Responsibilities included lesson-planning; classroom instruction; individual tutoring; and grading.