Product, Year, & Company



Intellectual Property Manager & Trainer, '01-present
Excelsior Bonifico Company
Consultation and training on strategy and practices for creating and using profitable innovation-based intellectual property. Client management; IP analysis; public speaking; management of out-sourced research and administration services
Basketball Coaching Automation, '95/96 season
Seattle SuperSonics
Microsoft-approved moonlighting project to assist local NBA team incorporate IT into its strategic analysis and player training activities. Tools developed included laptop competitor-scouting application and query-based video-highlight training system. Interview coaching staff, propose projects, create Visio macros and objects, modify Microsoft Usability Lab tracking software (VBA), train staff
TrueImage, '92
A Postscript-like Raster Image Processor used by some printer manufacturers. Generated technical specifications and and porting guides from Taiwanese-speaking engineers.
Microsoft Windows 3.0 SDK & DDK, '90
Far West Publishing Systems
Windows 3.0 Device Driver Kit & portions of Software Development Kit Managed everything except the physical publishing of the DDK, including collecting and organizing reference material and authoring conceptual explanations.
Message Center, '88
Media 2
Mac-based advertising creation, integration, and management system for RGB animations and NTSC TV commercials System designer & prototype programmer (C, Macromind 3.0 Lingo)
Dr. Dry, '87
Combination RF moisture sensor and speaking bedside console for treatment of bedwetting.    Created all user materials, including training guides for physicians, parents and children 4-14 yrs old.
Information Refinery, '86-'91
Far West Publishing Systems
Unix and Interleaf utilities that parse manufacturing data and source code to automatically and manually embed SGML organization codes. Additional filters and query templates allowed auto-assembly of reference and tutorial information. Used for many projects, including Windows DDK project. System design, programming, and maintenance using Sun Microsystems with Unix (C, AWK, GREP, SED) and Interleaf macros.
Initially a collection of macros on microcomputers and mainframes integrating word processors and mainframe printers. Evolved into an SGML authoring environment optimized for CAD/CAM factories. Wrote scripts and filters in various languages (e.g., UCSD Pascal, MANU/3000, Spellbinder); worked on various metadata schemes with HP Labs Engineering Productivity Group