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LEGs Kit, '09
Glofun Labs
Phone application allowing consumers to  create and share Location-Enabled Games (LEGs). [under development] Lead project management; feature design; UI design in collaboration with designer & programmers; field testing
GPS Fishtrap, '07
Glofun Labs

Location-enabled game for Sprint phones played along walking paths. Features include a geo-stabilized fish SONAR and a fluctuating marketplace. More...







Project & team management; game design; UI code (J2ME); field-testing
Glofun RayGun, '05
Glofun Labs

Physically intense GPS game for Nextel phones -- think space invaders in 360 except your defenses rely on your real-world velocity and direction. More...

Project & team management; game design; software tool design; original music; field testing;
Double Aught Road Race, '00
James Robarts


Software-guided road rally using laptops running GPS-triggered clues and timers for teams racing in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Not a commercial product.

Ancel powering up at Playa Tecolote, Baja, Mexico

Concept; sponsorship; project management; game creation using Access & VBA; game route selection; prizes
Wearable Computer Prototypes & Products, '98-'01
Tangis Corporation
Various mobile PC platforms were used to investigate and demonstrate consumer and industrial applications that could be used while in-motion (e.g., walking). Products offered for sale included kits for creating hands-free, eyes-up, voice controlled inspection software for factory and field inspectors.

Established product development teams; organized strategic and product brainstorming sessions; developed and reviewed functional specifications and schedules; usability test subject
Broadcast PC, '96
Microsoft, Advanced Consumer Devices Group

Windows' first integration of broadcast TV content. Included Electronic Program Guide using satellite and Internet data sources. New Windows components included unidirectional network receiver and MPEG decompression. Deliverables included Broadcast Architecture Platform Development Kit, and design feedback for Gateway Destination line of TV-optimized PCs.

Technical specifications; PC and tuner board manufacturer liaison; Windows extensions for media control input devices; UI design and usability testing; patent disclosures
TrueType Font Packs, '92-'94
Microsoft, Windows System Group
Market-changing series of high-quality low-priced Windows WYSIWYG fonts. Used contractors to create, test, document, and package fonts & utilities for all Microsoft font packs.
Windows Printing System, '92-'94
Initially separate ROM cartridge product that provided the first fast WYSIWYG printing from Windows for HP printers. Later integrated into Windows 95.


Designed and tested UI (including driver installation and Print Monitor); wrote and maintained Functional Specification; produced online and printed user information & SDKs using contractors; established code standards; moderated code walkthroughs; orchestrated morale events; participated in budget and strategy planning and negotiation.


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