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Author: James O. Robarts
Publication Date: March 29, 2007

GPS is available to mobile game designers.

All major US carriers and handset providers have implemented GPS in response to the E911 mandate.

However, that law does not require carriers or handsets to make location available for other purposes, and indeed the industry has been slow to offer consumer LBS. But it is happening and accelerating, as can be seen by the recent proliferation of GPS navigation offerings.

Moreover, the installed base of capable handsets is finally sufficient to justify the creation of location-aware applications, as can be seen by the number of supported carriers and handsets for a typical navigation application.

Of course, new technologies mean increased project complexity, and GPS/LBS is no exception.  However, our Nextel and Sprint LEGs demonstrate that these hurdles can be overcome. (You can see screenshots of these games here.)

The final hurdle to opening up the emerging market of Location-Enabled Games is to create a title compelling enough to convince a carrier's game review board to embrace this new use of LBS.



"You've demonstrated that the GPS really does work -- it's solid.  What I need now to put your technology on our deck is a great game that makes use of it."

- Games Product Marketing Manager for a major U.S. carrier (August 1, 2006)

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