GPS Fishtrap - A Strategy Game for Pedestrians

Build your fortune by collecting exotic fish from real-world locations:

  • Deploy and pull fish traps as you walk your usual routes.
  • Monitor the market and sell your inventory when prices are high.
  • Advance through seven levels from Laborer to Tycoon.
  • Earn equipment enhancements at each level.
  • Invest wisely in upgrades to expand your operations.
  • Buy treasure maps that reward exploration with riches.
This unique Glofun game plays out in the real world and in real time, providing weeks - and miles - of truly mobile entertainment.


GPS Fishtrap plays out in the real world - on the streets, sidewalks, and paths that you traverse in the course of daily life.

The handset displays the game world - a virtual sea of 2,500 fishing regions laid out over 1 square mile of the physical world around you. The sea contains more than 150,000 fish. Different species have different population levels, trapping rates, and market values.
You navigate the sea by walking through the real world, along whatever route you choose. As you walk, the game uses the handset's GPS system to calculate your physical location. It uses this data to move your boat through the virtual sea.

As you walk, you deploy and pull your traps. The optimum location for deploying traps depends on your personal walking patterns and the species' characteristics. For example, if you walk a single path morning and evening, you'll make more money collecting lower-value but faster-trapping species. If your walks are less frequent or your routes are more varied, you might do better with higher-value but slower-trapping fish.

Although the game never requires you to modify your route, perhaps the call of adventure will lure you off your beaten path. Treasure maps reward exploration with riches.


GPS Fishtrap also plays out in real time - over hours, days, weeks, and months.

A baited trap takes 30 minutes to 4.5 hours to capture a fish - a fish school's population level determines its trapping rate. A trap that holds six fish may therefore fill in as little as three hours - or take more than a day.

Moreover, trapping reduces local fish populations. Valuable species (because they are less abundant) are more susceptible to over-fishing, and a school can be depleted in just a couple of days. More abundant species can support repeated fishing for weeks. Fortunately, the entire sea is repopulated at the beginning of each month.

Time also matters when it comes to selling fish, as market prices fluctuate dramatically. Prices are updated every six hours, and trends play out over days.

Finally, advancement through levels takes time. You can earn your first promotion - from Laborer to Crew Chief - in just over 30 minutes. The next few levels will likely take a few days each. But advancement all the way to the seventh and final level will take a shrewd player weeks of regular play.

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