GPS Fishtrap - Screenshots


In the Boat view, you can deploy and pull traps.

Fish appear as colorful moving blips. You can see the different species, their locations, and their current population levels.

The smaller yellow circle is your trap pulling range. The small "+" inside the circle shows your current location. The three "whisker" lines indicate your changing walking direction.

You collect fish by walking to fish schools' real-world locations and deploying traps there. Deployed traps appear as yellow squares.


In the Chart view, you can see your real-world walking path and the traps you have deployed.

White regions show where you have walked while playing the game. Your current location is indicated by the black square.

Deployed traps are shown as colored squares.

Gray gridlines help you estimate distances. Each square contains 25 fishing regions (5 x 5).  Walking briskly, a can traverse five fishing regions in less than two minutes.


In the Market view, you can check your bank balance and the value of your inventory at current market prices.

You can also monitor fish prices, and sell fish when the price is right. Fish prices change every six hours.

The graph shows a three-day price history for the selected species. In the example above, prices for Ruby Clowns are currently on an upward trend.


Pulling a Trap
To retrieve the contents of your traps, you return to their real-world locations and pull them. A dialog shows you what's inside each trap:
  • Species of fish captured
  • Appearance
  • Number in trap
  • Value at current market prices


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